Med-San® - The Technology Platform behind Fluid Medical Waste Treatment

Fact Sheet No. 4

Med-San® is a continuous flow, volume scalable, fluid waste treatment technology platform that destroys biologicals, pharmaceuticals and other organic compounds found in medical, agricultural, industrial and other wastewater sources.

Med-San® combines Cu/Ag ion infusion with low temperature wet oxidation in a patented process that destroys infectious agents (≥ 12 log10 reduction) and denatures pharmaceutical compounds (beyond regeneration) allowing disinfected and chemically inert waste streams for direct discharge to the environment or alternative use. Med-San's® modularity will permit waste treatment system design configurations to incorporate additional functionalities including solid waste maceration, solids separation and volume reduction.

Med-San® technology platform commercialization is focused on product line development to treat fluid medical waste streams. First product line to market is the Gauntlet™ Disinfection System to destroy infectious agents by ion infusion. The second product line to market is the Guardian™ Drug Disposal System to destroy pharmaceutical and other organic compounds by wet oxidation. The third product line to market is the Interceptor Waste Treatment System® to destroy complex biological and organic compound waste streams by combining ion infusion and wet oxidation.

Med-San® research remains focused on the development of the Interceptor Waste Treatment System® to meet the military mission requirement for: 1.) mobile combat support hospitals operating in austere environments; and, 2.) military hospital and medical treatment facilities operating in population centers.